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Hydrogen storage

The hydrogen storage represents a colossal stake in the development of clean energies and a lot of efforts were and are currently led into the hydrogen network where the storage for mobile applications is a crucial problem. Among the storage technologies currently known which are the liquid storage at low temperature, the high pressure gas storage and the solid state storage, only techniques using adsorption allow to consider a system working at moderate temperature and pressure.

Considering the mobile applications the hydrogen storage is studied by adsorption in porous Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) or Covalent Organic Frameworks (COF) materials types which are very promising in terms of structure, surface area and density. These research activities are divided into two parts: the development in terms of synthesis or doping of new materials capable of storing an important amount of gas and the study of the hydrogen adsorption/desorption phenomemon in these materials. This theme of research requires diverse skills such as the inorganic chemistry, the physical chemistry, and the experimental and theoritical thermophysics.

Contact : Johnny Deschamps, lecturer